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@ Most Japanese people are attached to Inubosaki.
In Japanese we say eInubosaki-todaiCf it's oficial name is Inubosaki nautical mark Cwhich office belongs to the headquarters of the third division of the Maritime Safety Agency. It is a lighthouse in active service that sees and defends a maritime safety with a 24 hour watching system.

Inubosaki Lighthouse was built in 1874 with the help of a foreign engineer named Brunton. Some disagreement arose between Brunton and Japanese engineer Takamasa Nakazawa, over the bricks to be used in the construction. Finally they decided to use Japanese made bricks wiyh foreign engineering. This was a common problem during the Maiji reconstruction. And in fact, Brunton went on to help build the telegraphic servicein Japan. It is interesting to note the reason for it's construction. On June 25, 1866, Japan signed the Tariff Convention between Japan, France, Great Britain, the Netherlands and United States of America. Article XI stated that gThe Government of Japan will provide all the Ports open to Foreign trade with such lights, buoys or beacons to render secure the navigation of approaches to the said Ports . h

The construction of the Inubosaki Lighthouse was symbolic of Japan's entrance to the global marcketplace, it's modernization, and it's internationalization. It has withstood the Kanto Earthquake disaster and Second World War. And now it stands as a popular sightseeing destination for day-tripping Tokyoites and other tourists. Because of Inubosaki's unique location at the furthest eastern point of Japan, many people come on January first to witness the first glimpse of the sunrising to begin the new year.f

lens-sFeatures of Inubousaki Lighthouse

fog-phoneFog Siren of Lighthouse(Au 61KB).
air photoMap of Inubosaki
brunton-s gThe Father of Japanease Lighthouseh@R. H Brunton
nakazawa's present-sMr.Nakazawa and Bricks
dancing geisyagirls-sgProgressive@Big@City@Choshih
@This is a memorial film when Choshi had just municipalized in 1933, it well recorded citizen's life, town streets and industries at that time. It finishes with a scene of many geisya women dancing etairyo-busi fin the square showing@the Lighthouse in the background.
The UOth 1QOth@Anniversary
@It was 60th anniversary for Inubosaki Lighthouse in 1935, right after municipaliztion, Chosi-city flourished. Choshi citizens celebrated the 60th anniversary on a 6,852 yen budget. The Lighthouse decorated five colored malls and the flags of all nations, Every home and shop lit paper lanterns. and for three days Choshi-city held the Lighthouse festival.l@
During the 120th anniversary year in 1994, marching band played music and there was a rescue demonstration, as well as, special presents from abroad. Today three plaques mark the 60th , 100th and 120th aniniversary.


under tahe construction-sgThe Light of Bruntonh(japanese)
@The Process of a major repair was recorded by Mr.S Kosikawa, an architect, who lives in Choshi. This film is very interesting.
cape roca-sInubosaki-Cape Roca friendship monument

Inubousaki Lighthouse etc.
Inubosaki Lighthouse in the words of school songs

@There are 22 elementary and junior-high schools, 2 municipal senior high schools, 3 prefectural senior high schools. The school songs of five schools have eInubosakifin the words. It's very interested that 2 schools near Inubosaki have not .

nisikie-s Ever Lasting Light
@ It's a reprinted speech through the courtesy of Mr.T Takeuti, that was made by him at a senior high school Engish speech contest in Choshi-Kaisou area. It's a secret story for the Scotch civil engineer, R.H.Brunton, who had made Inubosaki Lighthouse.
manhole-s Lighthouse Design & Goods in Choshi
Traffic sign/Sake/Manhole/Telephone Box/Monaka(Wafflej/Madeleine
night timePotos of Lighthouse

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